Good morning all !! Looks like its going to be a great day today ! The first thing I saw as soon as I woke up this morning was my neighbor’s wet roof and I realized nature has been doing what she has always been the best at, cleaning up after us. This got me thinking about other things and I have always been amazed at how ingeniously disguised nature was.  I mean, look all around you, find anything that is not man made and challenge yourself to NOT find some extraordinary bit of engineering or something that NOT is there for a reason I bet you will lose all the time*

Lets just say this. Its like playing this computer game where things are hidden in plain sight and out observation skills are tested. Lets assume that everything that we currently have problems with have been there long before the advent of mankind and our ancestors and by “our ancestors” I don’t mean the genus “Homo” but the all the other life forms that existed before us, have successfully been able to solve ALL of it without a problem. Let’s take a page from their books and look long enough and hard enough to discover… or rather find the solutions to our problems that are hidden right in front of us.

People have been doing this for some time now and the branch of study is called “Biomimicry”. I for one love to learn more about these things and a great source for me is So don’t be surprised if many of my posts contain videos.   Janine Benyus‘s video below gives an introduction to get you started on Biomimicry and to find out if that’s your kind of thing.

Have a great day !!

* – if you are willing to accept your ignorance and are ready to research or… even better, think above and beyond